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Lien Resolution

Unresolved liens often cause delays in settlement disbursements.

Failure to resolve liens correctly may endanger settlement funds and result in penalties to counsel. At JCR Settlements, LLC, we work closely with lien resolution specialists to add value to our attorney clients. The most common liens are;

  • Medicaid Liens: Medicaid laws are complex and vary from state to state. In many instances, Medicaid can and will seek reimbursement from a portion of the settlement. By working with local Medicaid offices, our partners are able to assist injured claimants in meeting legal requirements and preserving Medicaid benefits.
  • Medicare Liens: Medicare Secondary Payer (“MSP”) laws require that for cases involving Medicare beneficiaries, Medicare must be the first payee of a lawsuit. This obligation rests with the beneficiary to determine if a lien exists, and then to report it to Medicare.

Services include;

  • Reporting to Contractor/ Medicaid/ Medicare/ ERISA, VA
  • Updated Lien Amount Requests
  • Audit of all Lien Ledgers
  • Closing duplicated liability cases with Medicare due to created incorrect Section 111 Reporting
  • ERISA Plan & Trust Document Review
  • Benefit & Claim Coordination & Medical Record Review
  • Reporting Settlement to contractors to secure file lien amount
  • Tracking of repayment until the file is closed