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The principal factor of long-term investment returns is not performance, but investor behavior.

At Garrison Financial we believe that investor behavior is paramount due to the comparison of the thirty-year average rate of return between the S&P 500 and the average return realized by the investor, illustrated in the graph below.

Certainly, these figures fluctuate depending on the intervals researched and the uniqueness of each investor. However, the fact remains that the typical investor consistently manages to obtain much less than the return of the index. This means that typical investor is often underperforming their own investments!

How does someone underperform their own assets? The simple answer is behavior. The more complex answer is that the average investor typically makes the wrong decision at the wrong time. Consequently, Ryan's value to you is his role as a behavioral investment counselor. As a counselor Ryan helps you make the right decisions at the right times.

In order to help you make these decisions, Ryan creates a comprehensive financial plan via cutting edge software. This plan typically includes 3 buckets; trust, structured settlement annuity and investments. The trust will hold cash and investments and is often the payee of the annuity. This allows us to open the spigot for extraordinary cash needs, or close the spigot to qualify for specific government benefits.

Our trust and investment planning process provides a blueprint of steps, timelines and expectations up front, limiting surprises in the future.

Before developing a client’s plan, Ryan strives to build genuine friendships. By forging past the standard advisor/client relationship, he is able to understand his clients on a personal level. This allows Ryan to fully evaluate their current situation, and work with clients to design a plan to meet their unique needs. Ryan often speaks with clients for weeks before recommending services and products.

Ryan's goal is to become your most trusted financial adviser.

Ryan hosts dozens of educational seminars a year, and would be happy to meet with you (and your family) to discuss your personal situation.

Call Ryan now directly at (480) 478-0154, and experience the difference of his approach.

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