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Why & How

Why Garrison?

As a plaintiff attorney, do you rely on the defense's experts? What about their life care plan? Then why would you use the defense's structured settlement broker? You and your clients deserve your own expert. A settlement planner that can offer comprehensive advice. Advice free from the conflicts of interests associated with defense carrier approved lists. 

Whether Ryan is fighting the approved list of a national P&C company to help ensure his client receives the best quote, or his team is working to obtain the best daily rate to maximize a settlement, he remains a fierce advocate for his clients.

From 1997 - 2012, Ryan worked for two of the largest defense focused structured settlement brokerages. While attending a mediation, he realized that plaintiff attorneys and their injured clients deserved an advocate that solely represented their needs.

Whether you are a plaintiff attorney or an injury victim It is important to ask your structured settlement broker if they are on any insurance company or DOJ approved lists. If the answer is "yes", your client may not be receiving the best structure quote. As it says in the good book, “No one can serve two masters".

Since Ryan began his structured settlement career over 20 years ago, he has worked to bring candor and transparency to the settlement planning industry.

Ryan and his team at Garrison Financial remain solely dedicated to plaintiff attorneys and their injured clients.

How We Differentiate.

We educate and encourage. We don’t try to make every case fit a specific product. We strive to build genuine friendships with every client. We use transparency as the cornerstone of these friendships. We believe that by building friendships first, we can understand our clients and their needs on a personal level.

This understanding allows us to fully evaluate a client's situation, and work with them to design a financial plan to meet their unique needs. Unlike many competitors that only offer structured settlement annuities, we can offer a wide array of financial solutions through our Registered Investment Advisory, Broker Dealer, Insurance Agency and Trustee relationships.

At Garrison Financial, we offer trial lawyersinjury victims and retirement clients some of the most comprehensive and unique financial solutions in the country. We believe this comprehensive approach coupled with our personalized service benefits our clients in all that we do.


We invite you to call us today and experience the difference.