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Perla Herrera

Perla Herrera

Spanish Translator

Perla is the Spanish Translator for Garrison Settlements. She has been involved in numerous cases, adding value by assisting in the settlement process. Her skills enable injured parties to understand structured settlement concepts and their pros and cons.

Previously, she has been involved with the Scottsdale Prevention Institute (Paiute) and the Scottsdale Police Department in their community outreach programs.

She also worked at a Scottsdale law firm, where she met Ryan in 2008. Although her version of the story differs with Ryan’s, Ryan states that she immediately fell in love with him on their first date. Perla states that it was his persistence and possibly some charm... more likely red wine. Regardless of who is right, today they have a beautiful family with 3 young children and 3 dogs.

Perla still volunteers her free time with community service organizations and animal rescue groups throughout Arizona.

Perla is not affiliated with Garrison Financial or United Planners.