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Settlement Services

  • Tax-deferred attorney fee annuities
  • Quote and handle placement of structured settlement annuities
  • Medicare Set-Aside Allocations
  • Trust Services: creation and administration
  • Help you and your clients avoid constructive receipt issues
  • Provide a thorough customized needs analysis
  • Analyze life care plan and economic damages
  • Spanish translation available for clients and families
  • Obtain rated ages to lower the cost or increase the benefit of an annuity to a severely injured person
  • Attend mediations either in person, via Skype (or other web based video conferencing) or telephonically
  • 26 USC § 104 – (a) (1) & (2) Document Assistance
  • Assist and complete settlement documents (e.g. settlement agreements, releases, qualified assignments, applications, court approvals, GAL reports and conservatorships)
  • Provide information to your clients on how to protect government benefits
  • Ongoing assistance for the life of the policy