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Injury Victims

Garrison Settlements was created to financially protect the physically injured. We understand injury settlements and have assisted thousands of families through the challenging process.

Our goal is to educate injury victims and their families on how to maximize their recoveries.

 Did you know that over 90% of injury victims spend their whole recovery within 5 years of settlement? Regardless of the size.

While Garrison Settlements specializes in structured settlements, what makes us truly different is our ability to offer comprehensive financial solutions directly to our clients (through Ryan Garrison). This means that we will never “push a product”. We will listen to you to understand your needs and then suggest products that may have value to you.

 If your financial advisor doesn’t have experience with injury settlements, it could cost you. Did you know that once money has been received by you or your attorney, you can no longer realize the benefit of certain investment options? Did you know that is possible to have100% tax-free future payments designed out of your settlement funds?

Work with someone who understands injury settlements and your unique needs.

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