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Trial Lawyers - OLD

Whether you are structuring a settlement, tax- deferring a fee, or looking to guarantee income from a lifetime of retirement savings, you only have one chance to get it right… That is why it is imperative to work with someone who understands your business.

Together, Garrison Financial and Garrison Settlements offer trial lawyers, injury victims and retirement clients some of the most comprehensive and unique financial solutions in the country. We believe our cutting edge technologies coupled with our personalized service benefits our clients in all that we do.


  • Have questions about tax-deferring a fee or want more information about what we do? Click here.
  • Have a client you want to structure a portion of their settlement? Feel free to show them this brochure, these videos, or these from our National Structured Settlement Trade Association.
  • Have a client that wants to take a large settlement in cash, despite your recommendation? Are you worried about potential liability? Click here.
  • Want to make sure that the defense knows at mediation that you will be working with Garrison Settlements? Click here.
  • Want to see the next event I will be attending? Click here.

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